Indiba - Web application

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Project Description

Drupal based Web application with a custom made theme.

A web application developed developed with Drupal with a custom theme designed by Punt Zero. It was developed for Indiba, a company specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of devices for professionals of medicine, physical therapy and aesthetics.

This application uses the Drupal módule called IP Geolocation Views & Maps to create interactive maps that shows the location and contact information of all the medical centers that uses "Indiba Active" techonology. Custom modules were created to improve the searching capabilities of the map module.

The information of all the medical centers was imported using a custom module developed to read information from a CSV file. Contributed modules were used to export all the information into CSV files with the same format.

Project Details

Date: September 2015
Client: Indiba
URL: Indiba Activ website, Indiba Deep beauty website, Indiba Deep care website