Accees BCN - Web application

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Project Description

GasWin.Net: Web application developed in C#.

A web application developed with ASPX and C# using Visual Studio .Net Framework with a Themeforest theme called AdminRE. It was developed for Accees BCN, a company dedicated to the management of agricultural land and buildings.

This application is a complete management software for gas stations to help managers maintain control of their sales, remaining stock and system alerts. The manager can control remaining stock, gas sales and purchases, configure automatic email notices, and comunicate with hardware devices to update gas prices, authorized car plates, users, etc...

The comunication with the hardware devices is done through text files with a custom format that are uploaded and downloaded through an FTP server.

The system can send daily emails with a sales report or send alert emails if the stock of a certain tank is to low or if there was a problem communicating with a hardware device.

Project Details

Date: June 2014
Client: Accees
URL: Web application (user: "demo", password: "demopwd")